Waste Watchers is an independent, non-profit (contributions are tax deductible) volunteer community group that promotes the responsible disposal of waste on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 


Waste Watchers works in ways large and small, from picking up litter and supporting the VA DOT Adopt-a-Highway litter abatement program to influencing public policy. There's a place for everyone in our organization and we need everyone's help. 


Garbage that isn't disposed of properly hurts everyone. It's dangerous, costly and just plain ugly. It's also killing off the very wildlife we love so much on the shore.


Waste Watchers has a team of volunteers (The Trash Talkers) who will come to your school, business, organization or home to educate you about reducing consumption, reusing what you can and recycling. We facilitate litter pick up events all over the shore in an effort to clean up the show one roadway at a time. We also sponsor events such as essay contests in an effort to educate younger generation about proper waste disposal and management.


Waste Watchers meets the second Wednesday of every month from noon to 2 PM at the Chamber of Commerce in Melfa. Everyone is welcome to attend.  Please come by and see what we are all about.