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Need Community Service Hours?  Waste Watchers of the Eastern Shore has plenty of volunteer opportunities.  Click on this

For other opportunities to volunteer and protect the Eastern Shore with the Nature Conservancy, click on this link 

Goodshop and Waste Watchers are now working together in order to deliver great savings while supporting our cause.  The next purchase you make, a percentage will be donated and a discount applied to your order.  You can now get coupons and deals at stores like K-Mart, Amazon, and West-marine.

If you are a Virginia resident, please take 5 minutes to answer a few questions for a very important research project. We would also appreciate it if you could share with your friends and family. Thank you!  Link to survey

New 2015 litter surveys are available on Publications page [see tab above]

A new service is available at the Convenience Centers of Accomac County where one can recycle clothes and shoes.  This benefits Special Olympics.

For further details, here are two links, slide show about recycling fabric, newspaper article
clothes recycling

Waste Watchers has adopted Airport Road through the Adopt-A-Highway program.   VDOT
See the Adopt-A-Highway Tab at the top of this  page

A new service is electronic recycling [anything with a cord] for the Eastern Shore.   The Goodwill Electronic Recycling trailerParksley Convenience Center on January 8, 2015.  It will be parked just to the right of the ramp in a high visibility location.  Gregg Duncan, Public Works official on site said it would be about two weeks before the stairs are built and installed to access the trailer.

Who are we?
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Waste Watchers is an independent, non-profit (donations are tax-deductible) volunteer community group that promotes the responsible disposal of waste on the Eastern Shore.  Check out our Facebook page as well,  link

To Contact us: P.O. Box 191/Onancock, VA 23417  or  757-787-7468  or wastewatchers.esva@gmail.com
To Donate to Wastewatchers, click on the paypal "Donate" button below

To join Waste Watchers, download the membership form and fill it out and send to the address provided, everyone welcome

What are we?

We work in ways large and small, from picking up litter and supporting the VA DOT Adopt-a-Highway litter abatement program [see Adopt-a-Highway Tab above], promoting recycling, to influencing public policy. There's a place for everyone and we need everyone's help.  We are also supporting a research study on the influences of balloons as litter.  To learn about the study or to report balloon litter, go to the ‘Links’ tab at the top of the page and click on the appropriate links.  Check out the 3rd annual Waste Watchers essay contest, link


Garbage that isn't disposed of responsibly hurts everyone. It's dangerous, costly, and ugly. It's also killing off the very animals and ecosystems we love so much.

Where are we?

Waste Watchers is active all over the Shore. Wherever someone picks up a piece of litter, Waste Watchers is there. Any time a family or an office decides they can start recycling or a teacher decides to teach about where garbage goes, Waste Watchers is there.  Whenever an individual, a group of friends, a church, a club or a business decides to actively do something about our roadside litter by adopting a highway and cleaning it four times a year, Waste Watchers is there to help.


Waste Watchers has a team of volunteers (Trash Talkers) who will come to your school, business, office, or home to educate you about reducing consumption, reusing what you can, and recycling. We facilitate litter pick-up events.   We also sponsor an essay contest in the schools,  See  "Photos" tab above for 2012 winners.   To sign up to volunteer in our projects,  use this email


Waste Watchers meetings are every second Wednesday of the month except for August and December.  We meet at the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce in Melfa from 10am to noon.  Everyone is welcome.